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A talk about the future of Ubuntu with Mark Shuttleworth

A review of my 2015


My opensource contributions in Oct and Nov 15

Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

Let's encrypt the world!

Falldown 0.3.1: choose your theme!

My opensource contributions in Sep 15

How many Ubuntu Phones there are?

Falldown 0.2.2: settings are here!

Falldown for Ubuntu Phone is here!

My opensource contributions in Jul&Aug 15

CCCamp 2015

Meizu MX4 is awesome after OTA-5

My opensource contributions in Jun 15

The most inspiring week of my life

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Discerning Duck 0.1.3: call for developers

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My vps configuration

My first job

Calculator 2.0.155: Here we are

My opensource contributions in March 15

Calculator Reboot 2.0.139: The final countdown

Two years later...

My opensource contributions in February 15

Scopes are not widgets (they are better)

New Bacon2D API

Ubuntu Phone: The hardware

My opensource contributions in January 15

Calculator Reboot 2.0.85: Favourite mode

Ubuntu Phone Glimpse: The Hardware

Calculator Reboot 2.0.73: call for translations!

Ubuntu Phone Glimpse: Aggregated Scopes

Launchpad on DuckDuckGo

Ubuntu Calculator App Reboot is in the store

Qt Day 2015, March 13-14th, Florence

Why opensource model rocks

ubuntu-it had an awesome year!


Ubuntu Calculator App Reboot

Ubuntu Phone seen by my friends

New blog

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Canonical Sprint in Malta

One year later...


Farewell Google

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I'm here too