Ubuntu Calculator App Reboot

The default calculator installed on Ubuntu for Phones is quite old... It's time for a reboot!

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In past few months some of them had a reboot, so now they have a new superb design. The first one was the Clock App, and now it’s time for Calculator App \o/

We’re working on it since the start of December, and we already have something usable, I hope to publish it on the store in the second week of January. But first of all, let me show you what will look like the new app, and which features we will implement.

The design document

Next screenshots are prototypes

So, this is the initial state of the app:

initial state

As you can see, it’s all clean and essential.

One of the new feature we’re going to implement is the scientific mode. We didn’t have that in the old app, and we think could be a very useful feature:


Another interesting feature is the favourite history. You can mark a calc as favourite and set a label, so you can easily access to it in a second moment, and remember why you saved it in first place.


The file with the new design specs is available online.

Current implementation

We started to work on this at the end of November, and we do it in our free time, so we’re a bit slow, but we are quite happy with results. We found a Javascript library, named MathJs, that is very powerful. Indeed, we have already implemented scientific mode, and storage, so the base of the app is ready. We need to work a bit on some bugs we have before we could publish it, but I hope we’re able to put on the store a working preview in the first week of January.

Help us

If you want to start to collaborate with us we will be more than happy to help you in your first step :-) We need both developers and autopilot hackers. If you want to write autopilot tests, we have a list of bugs for you. If you prefer to write code and fix bugs, take the branch, test it and check what is missing! If you need help, or have feedback, write me a mail or join #ubuntu-app-devel on Freenode and ping me (rpadovani) or Bartosk (gang65) or Mihir (mihir).

If you want to support my contributions to open source world, please consider to buy me a coffee to work all night long ;-)