My opensource contributions in May 15

What did I do in May to change the world bit by bit? Take a look!

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A couple of months ago, when I started to work for Archon, I was worried I wasn’t able to manage my time to continue to contribute to Ubuntu.

Luckily, I was wrong. Thanks to Launchpad I’ve a good summary of what I did, and I can say I’m happy enough. Could I do better? Of course, and I’ll try to do more and better.

Meanwhile, 100balls has reached 2000 downloads. Amazing. After the land of OTA-4 on devices it will receive a couple of updates.

But let’s take a look on what I did last month:


In May I didn’t receive any donation. I fully understand that, now I’ve a part time work, so I don’t need donations to buy coffee to write code at night :-)

Anyway, if you find valuable my contribute to opensource world, please consider to make me a donation.

What I did

In May I focused on Oxide and webbrowser

Browser app

Another month, another branch landed: oSoMoN and I refactored the new tab, it will land with OTA-4 with a lot of other improvements made by the webbrowser team: private mode, settings, and a lot of minor bugfixes.


My first patch in Oxide has been accepted \o/ It introduces a new API to know the http status code of a page - I actually used that API in webbrowser to don’t store 404 urls in history anymore.

Bugs and reviews

Other than working on browser and oxide I did the usual work of bugs reporting (it’s important to give feedbacks on a product you use) and reviews.

In next days I should receive an Ubuntu MX4, I think I’ll do a review about how Ubuntu works on that device, and let’s see if I’ll switch from my beloved Aquaris :-)

If you like my work and want to support me, just send me a Thank you! by email or offer me a beer:-)