Calculator Reboot 2.0.85: Favourite mode

Yes, yes, I know, I’m late with this update. You expected it yesterday, as usual, but I have a good reason. Today we landed some new sparkling features, so now you can test them :-) As usual, please report any bug you find on Launchpad, so we can fix them!

Author's pictureJan 30, 2015 | Riccardo Padovani | [email protected]

So, it’s time to show you what Bartosz, Giulio and I did last week

New features

Favorite mode

I described it when I presented you the design of the Calculator Reboot, and now it’s time to see it in action! With favorite feature you can save your old calcs, to have a history with things you have to remember. Plus, it is implemented in the bottom edge page; who has an Ubuntu Phone knows what I’m talking about. It’s a very cool gesture you can find in action there.

Favourite history

We worked hard on this, but it isn’t complete yet - so if you find any bug or you have a feedback, contact us on Launchpad, on social networks or wherever you can find us :-)

Autoclose brackets

This is an idea by Daniel Wood who commented last week post on G+. See? It’s important to leave us feedbacks, we try to implement them as soon as possible!

So, now, when you click on equals the calculator closes all brackets you left open. So no more errors when you forgot to close a bracket, we fix it for you.

Inline copy

Thanks to Giulio we now could swype a calc from right to left to copy it - it isn’t necessary anymore to long click on it.

Inline copy


Thanks to Ubuntu community the calculator now it’s available in a lot of languages. Wow, I asked help for translations only one week ago and we already have the app completely translated in 15 languages (and a lot of other languages has a good portion of strings already translated). If you don’t have the app in your language, take a look to our translation page!


Portrait mode

Thanks to Giulio we have a better view in portrait mode: he changed proportions, so now on krillin you can see also the last calc you did, and not only the current one.

Keypad flicking

Bartosz fixed the infinite scrolled of keyboard. Now if you try to swipe left or right over the edge of the keyboard you will see a nice bounce animation that keeps the keyboard on the screen

Full changelog

Here the full changelog:


As usual, I do all this in my spare time, at night because during the day I have to study. Do you mind to buy me a coffee to help me to stay awake? :-)

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