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From Wordpress to Jekyll

So, first thing: I moved away from Wordpress! I find Wordpress annoying and to big for what I need: a place where I could write some things, without anything else.

I stopped to write because I find is a pain to write a new post in Wordpress: the editor isn’t so good, and the admin interface is so slow.

Some months ago an italian tech blogger, Alessio Biancalana, moved from Wordpress to Jekyll. I was curious, so I tried it, and it’s awesome! Only thing you need is a text editor and BOOM, you’re ready.

Also because you write post with markdown, and markdown rocks! The site is hosted on Github Pages, so my workflow is definitely better: write a post, git add, git commit, git push and GitHub takes care of all!


Ok, you now have a new blog, and it’s cool. But what about contents? A blog without contents is useless!

Well, I want to try to use the blog to post all things I used to post on Google+. In last months I did a lot of things (attended a Canonical sprint, wrote a scope for Ubuntu for Phones, improved bookmarks in Ubuntu Browser, has been invited to the launch of the first Ubuntu Smartphone and so on) but I wrote about them only on Google+, and this is a shame. Google+ is cool for a lot of things, but your contents belong to it, and who hasn’t an account could’t read them, and things fly away after few days.

My plan is to write all posts I usually write on G+ here, so they will be also on Ubuntu Planet :-)


As maybe you notice, there isn’t a comment section. Well, Jekyll is a static content manager, so all solutions out of there are based on Disqus or some other cloud content manager. I totally don’t like them, so at the moment I prefer to avoid to implement comments.

I found a plugin for Jekyll to manage them in a cool way, I’ ll try to implement it during Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, if you have any feedback, write a mail to me, or leave a comment on G+ :-D


Another thing I added in the restyling of the website is a donation page. I’m an universitary student and I don’t have any income, please help me to have free time to do what I love most: help others developing. First donations will be used to buy a VPS to host this blog (see below).


I talked a lot about privacy in previous posts, but now I moved my contents from my hosting to GitHub. What?

This is because I like very much Jekyll, and to use it I need Ruby, and I don’t have a VPS where install it. So I prefer to have a blog where I’m happy to write hosted on a GitHub server rather a blog without contents hosted on my hosting.

But if I’ll take some money with donations I’ll buy a VPS, so I could also manage a mail server - at the moment I use an european provider - ovh - but I want to have full control on the mails.

So, for now it is all, and I hope this is the first of a long series of posts.

Enjoy your holidays!