Falldown 0.2.2: settings are here!

First big update for Falldown, we added settings and fixed some bugs, plus more translations

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But first of all, thanks to you all for downloading the app (350 users have downloaded it so far) and for all positive feedbacks we received, both on store and on the Internet.

But let me introduce the big news for this release…


The news

Yes! We have settings!

Now there are two different ways to control the ball: with tilt, as usual, and with touch, so you can play also while you’re moving, like on bus.

Also, we added a slider so you can set the sensitivity you prefer: no more a too fast ball that jumps away as soon as you move your phone :-)

Furthermore, some minor improvement including:

  • When you lost a life, powerups’ effects are reset

  • Fix a bug where audio starts playing also if it’s in mute mode

  • Some code optimization


Thanks to community translators we added Asturian, Galician, and Hungarian translations.

Also thanks to all the translators that are keeping translations updated. You rock!

If you want to have Falldown in your language, feel free to help us translating it here.

What’s next?

We have great plans for the future. Other than continuing to support and improve the application, fixing bugs and adding some minor feature (like animations between different screen) we’re planning to insert two new big features, so we’re already working on version 0.3 (but expect some minor updates in the 0.2 branch before).

More news about new features in next weeks, but I assure you they’re awesome ;-)

New record

Oh, btw, do you know we spend a lot of time playing Falldown? I’m not very good at it (my record is still 625) but Tyrel set the new record for the team, 823!


Congrats Tyrel!

And what about you guys? What’s your record?


If you’re enjoying the game, please consider to make us a donation. Please specify it’s for this game, we will use money to create other games ;-)

If you find any bug, feel free to contact us.

We’re sure you will enjoy this update ;-)