My opensource contributions in Sep 15

What did I do in Sep to change the world bit by bit? Take a look!

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In September I received 20 euros of donations. Thanks so much, I’ll use them to buy coffee and spent nights writing code :-)

For Falldown (see below) we received 30 euros of donations. We’re still thinking how to invest them (buying a domain for the team, doing a contest to create a theme for the game, and some others cool ideas).

If you find valuable my contribute to opensource world, or you’re enjoying Falldown, please consider to make me a donation.

Please write if the donation is for me or for Falldown (we’ll provide a separate donation mail in the future).

What I did

Other than the release of Falldown and working on some updates (themes are coming, and more), I wrote (and tested and merged) another patch for Launchpad.

Also, I wrote a couple of patches for the webbrowser and started new patches for reminders app.

More, I spent a lot of time reviewing code - I’m quite good finding small errors in implementations - in that way the quality of updates is always high :-)

Your turn

Hey, now it’s your turn to start changing the world with the opensource software.

Why don’t you start to contribute?

If you like my work and want to support me, just send me a Thank you! by email or offer me a beer:-)