A review of my 2015

2015 has been an awesome year, and a lot of awesome things happened

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I hope it will bring to you all happiness you deserve :-)

2015 has been a great year for me on a personal plan - I had to fight some battles, and I had ups and downs, as everyone I suppose. But I’m sure that so far has been the most amazing year I had. Even better, it laid the foundations for an even better 2016.


I think 90% of readers of this blog are interested about Ubuntu, so I think is important to highlight how awesome has been this year for the project I was most involved in: Ubuntu Phone.

The first Ubuntu Phone hit the market in February. Others two phone arrived in June. And thanks to a lot of updates, they improve each month.

I’m very proud I have helped a little bit this awesome project. And with Mivoligo and Tyrel we created one of the most loved games for Ubuntu Phones: Falldown.


In 2015 I received 128.55 euros in donations. This is mind-blowing, when I added the paypal donations form one year ago I could never imagine a so huge support, so thanks you!

Also, for Falldown we received 140 euros of donations. We spent some of them in Germany for UbuCon Europe, and we’ll see how to spend others to provide a better game (or new games) :)


2015 has been an amazing year, and it’s incredible to look back and see how many things changed!

What’s the plan for 2016 then? Well, if you followed me you know I have a little job now, and I’m very happy with it and it gives me some big satisfactions.

While during summer I was able to do my job and do some opensource contributions, unfortunately in September I restared university and I haven’t found yet a way to do as many contributions as I used to.

So in 2016 I hope to find a way to do all the things I love, I would love to release a couple of updates for Falldown and do other things. But the first thing to do for me is finding an equilibrium in my time to do all the things I care about.

I hope you all will have an awesome 2016!

Ciao, R.