About me

I'm Riccardo. I enjoy new challenges and learning new things. I'm an incurable optimist who loves implementing tools to enable people working on their goals, and finding solutions to hard problems.

Currently, I’m working on building the future of finance at Dock Financial, designing and delivering a top-notch infrastructure using modern and reliable technologies.

I earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, graduating from Technische Universität München, with a focus on Security Engineering and Language Theory.

My daily job

As a Platform Engineer, I am focusing mainly on designing and building the infrastructure that runs Dock Financial, working closing with other teams to have fast pipelines, to quickly iterate and improve our products, and a battle-tested observability story, to know in advance any issue we could face.

Previously, I worked as Solutions Architect at Nextbit, and as JavaScript Developer at Fleetster, and some other roles. You can find a more precise timeline on my Linkedin.

Opensource contributions

Big part of my passion, and my knowledge, for IT related topics, is due opensource. I started contributing to Ubuntu when I was young, becoming quickly a Ubuntu member. I wrote different apps for Ubuntu for Phones, including 100 Balls, Discerning Duck, and Falldown.

Nowadays, the huge majority of my contributions go towards GitLab, being them code patches, issues, advocacy, or simple support on StackOverflow or the GitLab forum. Following all the contributions, I have been recognized as a GitLab Hero.

Bug bounties

As RMS said, hacking means exploring the limits of what is possible, in a spirit of playful cleverness.

I like breaking things to understand how they work, and hacking exercises, of course, a considerable appeal on me. Among the other things, sometimes I have fun reporting security issues on different websites. You can find a report of my 2019’s activity on in this blog post. An always up-to-date source of my activity can be found on HackerOne.

The rest of my life

While my online-persona is quite focused on C.S. related stuffs, I am a quite interesting person, with a funny Italian accent, enjoying life with my S.O. in Munich. I am also really private, so if you want to know me better, just drop me an email, and if you are ever in Bavaria, let’s have a beer!

Contact me

Find me on GitLab / GitHub / LinkedIn / Twitter or just say Hello at [email protected].