Riccardo Padovani

Changing the world bit by bit

About me

I’m Riccardo, software developer. I love new challenges and to learn new things. I’m currently enrolled at Technische Universität München, studying Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis.

I’m an open source enthusiast, and in my free time I collaborate with Ubuntu Community. I think it is a very important project to spread free software in the world, on every kind of device.

When I’m not busy with university or Ubuntu or work, I enjoy a beer with friends.

In 160 chars: Traveler, dreamer, Springsteen’s fan, freedom’s fanatic. I enjoy what’s amazing in the world.

My job

I work as developer at Fleetster.

Previous I worked as developer at Archon Dronistics. More information in this blog post.

You can find my curriculum here.

Side projects

  • 100 Balls: An open-source clone for Ubuntu for Phones of 100 Balls, based on Bacon2D
  • Discerning Duck: A Ubuntu scope to query DuckDuckGo
  • Falldown: Falldown is a cartoon game where you have to tilt your phone to make ball fall down quickly with rhythmic music. Don’t get squashed!

Ubuntu contributions

These are my mainly contributions in past years:

Contact me

Find me on Google+ / Github / Launchpad / Linkedin / Twitter / Instagram or just say Hello at riccardo@rpadovani.com.