Falldown 0.3.1: choose your theme!

New update for falldown, you can choose your theme now

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But first, thanks for all your support, 630 users have downloaded the app so far! And we are happy to announce we won the UbuContest so mivoligo and I will be in Berlin for the UbuCon. If you are here, ping me to drink a coffee together ;-)

I wrote too much, let me introduce the big news for this release…


The news

Themes support! Yay!

Now you can choose your theme, and you can create your own and include in the app! To do so, please download this package and follow the instructions that are written in the README document inside it.

There are also some changes in the code, and this should improve the performances (but there is still a lot of work to do, if you’re a developer take a look to our code and help us).

Last but not least, we discussed between us and we choose that the game will be free (as in beer) forever.

We thought about premium version with more theme or something like this, but then we choose to have only one version, with all the updates we’re going to do.

If you like our work, please support us with a donation. Please specify it’s for this game, we will use money to create other games ;-)


If you want to have Falldown in your language, feel free to help us translating it here.

What’s next?

So, this was one of the two big features we plan to develop, but then we had other ideas, so there is already a 0.4 and a 0.5 version in development.

Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for new features, we’ll release also new themes (I hope also some community themes), new soundtracks and some other small improvements.

Great times ahead of us!

Sailfish version

Thanks to the magic of opensource, and mainly thanks to Marko Wallin now there is a porting of Falldown for Sailfish OS. So if you have a Jolla phone, you can enjoy this funny game :-)

New record

Oh, btw, do you know we spend a lot of time playing Falldown? I’m not very good at it (my record is only 679) but Tyrel and Michał set the new records every day: Michał is currently at 1138, and Tyrel at 1202!


Congrats Tyrel!

And what about you guys? What’s your record?

If you find any bug, feel free to contact us.

We’re sure you will enjoy this update ;-)