Launchpad on DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo now has support for Launchpad - Sweet!

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launchpad on ddg

How does it work?

It’s very simple to use, just type lp #number and you will see a summary of the bug with a link to Launchpad. It’s very useful: how many times someone on IRC write a bug number but doesn’t write the link? Now you can simple paste the number on DuckDuckGo and you know what bug it is. So cool!


Thanks to all the DuckDuckGo team for the implementation, but mainly to the original developer: Giovanni Bucci. He started his travel in the opensource world since a couple of months, so go to say thanks :-)

Discerning Duck

Unfortunately this new functionality will not be available on Discerning Duck - my scope for Ubuntu Phone. At the moment DuckDuckGo API provides only goodies (things that don’t require third-party API), and Launchpad is a spice. DuckDuckGo team said they will provide spices too to third-party app, so I hope we could have them soon.

You don’t use DuckDuckGo yet? It’s time to change! You can see here why it’s the best search engine. I use it as main search engine since one year, and it’s very useful. And it respects your privacy!