My opensource contributions in January 15

What did I do in January to change the world bit by bit? Take a look!

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But it’s thanks to you I write, because I see you are a lot who read me. Actually, number of visits to the blog are astonishing. Without calculating who read articles on Ubuntu Planet or in a RSS Reader, this blog had 37,482 page views by 11,702 unique visitors in 35 days. WHAT? Thanks to all, it’s incredible!

Stats are calculated by CloudFare, I don’t have Analytics or others trackers on the site. It just counts the number of request it has.


Another thing I inserted in the website during the reboot of last month it’s the donations page. And in this month I received my firsts two donations (total amount is €18,54). Thanks, it’s really nice to see that my work is appreciated.

What I did

Now, it’s time to describe what I did in Jan (plus last week of Dec, just to start from the reboot of the blog). I had also to do exams at Uni, so I did less than I wanted. I hope to do more next month!

Calculator Reboot

I used most of the time to work on Calculator Reboot for Ubuntu Phone - adding features, fixing bugs and reviewing code. If you want to go through its history, you can read about the project, when it first hit the store on Jan, 15 and the last two updates.

Browser app

I never talked about the Ubuntu Browser App on this blog, but it’s a project I like a lot. It has some interesting concepts (like how it manages bookmarks) and it’s one of the app I use more on the phone. It isn’t a core app, so I contribute to it only when I have a lot of free time, because the priority are core apps (like Calculator). But in the last week I had some free time and I wanted to contribute a bit more (it was since last Oct I didn’t write code for browser). So in next weeks you’ll see landing an improvement in the history page UI, a new design for new tab page and an animation to have address bar with the same width of the app when you insert a link.

Thanks to Olivier for the support and the patience :-)


I did other little things: some promotion to DuckDuckGo and Ubuntu Touch on this blog and on social networks, I reported all bugs I found using Ubuntu Phone as main phone, I wrote a little patch for clock app and did some reviews, and, mainly, supported Ubuntu Italy activities (promotion and support). Everyone who works in opensource world knows what I mean when I say that these contributions are routine. When you contribute for some years to the opensource world then becomes natural report bugs and help someone if he tries to achieve something we already achieved.

Next month I hope to finalize calculator app reboot and, if I have enough time, implement a very interesting feature in the browser.

You know, I’m a student and I do all this in my free time. So, if you like my work and want to support me, just send me a Thank you! by email or offer me a coffee :-)