Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

Ubuntu is not just an Operating System, it is a whole community in which everybody collaborates with everybody to bring to the life a wonderful Human experience

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The spirit of UCA

And, as the wiki page of the event says, Ubuntu is not just an Operating System, it is a whole community in which everybody collaborates with everybody to bring to the life a wonderful Human experience. When you download the iso, burn it, install it and start to enjoy it, you know that a lot of people made magnificent efforts to deliver the best Ubuntu OS possible.

For all the effort exerted, for every minute of the year, some gave of their time talent or treasure. There’s the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, when everybody – whether user, developer, or non-developer contributor anyone who gives a hand making Ubuntu what it is today – everybody takes a moment to thank someone for their contribution. Every contribution counts! Take time to say, “Thank you!

The word Thank You inspires and gives a huge amount of motivation to encourage people to become even better contributors thus making Ubuntu and the community even better.

Choose someone to thank

While a global thanks to all contributors it is a must, I prefer to thank someone in particular, to show all my support to him/her.

Now, choosing someone is very difficult, because I met a lot of amazing people in the Ubuntu Community, and a lot more contribute to Ubuntu in some way.

So it’s a very hard task to choose someone.

Last year I said Thank you to mzanetti. I’m sure you know who he is, and he totally deserves our gratitude.

As him, a lot of other Canonical employers - I was lucky enough to contribute side by side with popey and oSoMoN and dpm and dholbach and a lot of other guys, from a lot of different teams. To all of you, and you know who you are, THANKS.

And then there a lot of guys from community, an I should thank each one of them.

But I want, for a day, turn the spotlight to someone who is not so well known in the community.

I chose that guy because I think he’s the perfect example of the perfect contributor: someone who works hard, day by day, without seeking fame and glory.

And as him there are a lot of contributors: people who work hard to make Ubuntu better every day. You never hear of them, but they are essential to create this dream called Ubuntu.

To all of you unknown hard-working contributors, thanks.

And my biggest thanks goes to Bartosz!

Who’s Bartosz

I (virtually) met Bartosz working on the calculator app for Ubuntu for Phones. Together we crafted the calculator reboot. But since the end of the Summer I have no much more time to contribute to Ubuntu, and he’s keeping the calculator updated and bugs free.

He’s a pleasure to work with him: he’s talented and very patient, sometimes he waits weeks before I review his code (shame on me!), but he never complains.

I know he also contributes to clock app and weather app and reports bug about the experience on the phone.

So THANKS Bartosz, and keep up the awesome work :-)

And now it’s your turn, choose someone in the Ubuntu Community, and write a mail, a tweet, a G+ post and say Thanks. Volunteers do it for free, and your gratitude is what’s need to make them happy!