My first job

My first job, frontend developer at Archon Dronistics

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But it’s an amazing job.

I started to work at Archon Dronistics. It’s a startup, seeking investors, specialized in providing automated operations with drones.

Fucking flying drones. Something like this:


And these drones are driven by (our) IA. How much awesome is it?

My job

So, I work at Archon as Frontend Developer: I take care of creating the control panel for the management of fleets of drones, to assign them missions and patrols.

Frontend is all in AngularJs, and we use a lot Leaflet, an opensource Javascript library to manage maps. I hope I’ll be able to use contribute a bit upstream.

It’s a couple of week I work with them, and I’m quite happy: I like AngularJs and I love idea of drones. Have I already said how cool drones are?


I work part time, because I’ve also university to do. Of course, part of this time is taken from the time I spent on Ubuntu. But don’t worry, I will not stop to contribute: you’ll can read what I do in my monthly reports.

I gained a lot of free time stopping play Dota (I spent more than 660 hours on it in 1 year), and I’ll sleep a bit less. Because Ubuntu is too much important for me :-)

Also, it’s thanks to Ubuntu I’ve a job: I’m a student, so I don’t have any experience. But they see my contributions to ubuntu, and it’s a great curriculum vitae.

This is one more reason I should add to the article Why you should contribute to Ubuntu Touch (or any other opensource project).

So, if you have any free time, do something for an opensource project: I’m sure it will give you a lot of good things. At least, this is what’s happening to me ;-)