My opensource contributions in Jun 15

What did I do in Jun to change the world bit by bit? Take a look!

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Also, I went to the Hello Tomorrow Conference. An incredible [experience][htc15].

And last but not least, the Discerning Duck scope had an update.

But now let’s see what I did in the last month for the opensource world :-)


In June I received 5 euros of donations. I’ll spare them to renew the VPS later this year.

If you find valuable my contribute to opensource world, please consider to make me a donation.

What I did

In June I focused mainly on webbrowser. Now there are 8 branches waiting for a review ready to land in the browser app, with little and big improvements!

I also created a new branch for Oxide, should be merged in next days.

Other than that, I did a lot of code reviews, both for the webbrowser, to have the best experience possible, and for some core apps (calculator and reminders).

Also, I’m working on a new app that I hope to publish in a couple of weeks ;-)

If you like my work and want to support me, just send me a Thank you! by email or offer me a beer:-)