A talk about the future of Ubuntu with Mark Shuttleworth

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Author's pictureFeb 26, 2016 | Riccardo Padovani | [email protected]

this week I joined the Mobile World Congress thanks to Canonical support which invited me. The week itself it has been awesome, but the most awesome thing happened today: thanks to Chimera Revo’s support (a big hug goes to Simone and Luca who supported and endured me all week long) I had a talk with Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, about Ubuntu and its future.

Here the interview:

You can find more about Ubuntu at MWC on Ubuntu’s Twitter profile.

In next days I’ll try write an article about the week, because it has been very cool. Meanwhile, a big thanks to all guys I met at the Ubuntu booth - amazing people who are working on an awesome project.

Mark and me

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