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I respect your privacy :-)

This is why I do not use any third party analytics, nor I load any asset from any other server.

But I am also a bit curios about you ;-) This is why I use piwik, an opensource analytics system installed on my server to analyze your behavior on my website; I try to understand which kind of contents you like more. Privacy is still my priority, so if you set the Do Not Track setting in your browser, I do not track you. If you have ad blocks or privacy plugins, I do not try to circumvent them. And of course I do not and I will not share these data with anyone else.

If you do not want to be tracked, but you do not have the Do Not Track option, click on this button to opt-out:

Obviously I store in my server some informations about you, like your IP address and which page you’re viewing, but these information are only used by the web server to serve you the page.

You can find more about my server configuration here.

Also, all the connections to this website are crypted, as explained in this blogpost.


This website doesn’t install any cookie.

The subdomain piwik.rpadovani.com can install some cookies to manage analytics data.