Discerning Duck 0.1.3: call for developers

A little update to Discerning Duck

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Thanks to Niklas Wenzel Discerning Duck has an update after months. As you may know, the scope doesn’t do a search on the web, but tries to provide you an Instant Answer, taking the information from various sources. So some times scope doesn’t provide anything useful to you, but maybe a search on DuckDuckGo could give you some result. Now there is a button Search on DuckDuckGo when no results are available, so you don’t have to perform the same search again in the browser, but you only have to press the button :-)


Call for developers

The Discerning Duck scope has a lot of potential, unfortunately I don’t have enough time to develop it. If you want to help me, drop me an email or go on GitHub and leave a pull request ;-)

If you like my work and want to support me, just send me a Thank you! by email or offer me a beer:-)