Calculator Reboot 2.0.139: The final countdown

I know, it’s more than a month I published a blog post about calculator reboot status. But don’t worry, also if I didn’t write any post, Bartosz and I worked hard on it, and now it should be ready to become the default calculator app on the phone, we just need a green light by the QA team!

Author's pictureMar 23, 2015 | Riccardo Padovani | [email protected]

As usual, please report any bug you find on Launchpad, so we can fix them!

Since is since end of January I don’t write a post on calculator, I describe all the things we did, also if some of these features are available on the store since a while.

New features

Universal brackets

This is a feature by Bartosz: we don’t have anymore two buttons for brackets (one for ( and one for )), but now there is only one button. When you press it, it magically understand if you need a open or a close bracket. Seems incredible, but it works very well. Give it a try and if you find a case where it doesn’t work, please report it to us.

Clear formula

Now with long click on clear button you delete all the formula. Don’t waste your time anymore!

Editing calculation from history

You want to reuse a old calc you did? Just try to swipe left the calc ;-)

New design for keyboard

We have some new design specs: we will implement them after the release of actual reboot. Meanwhile, we changed the keyboard accordingly.

New design

Empty state in favourite

We added an Empty state in favourite mode so now users know how to use that feature. I know it’s a bit confusing, we will improve it with new new design in next weeks.



Thanks to Ubuntu community the calculator now it’s available in a lot of languages. They’re amazing, work hard and we often forget them. So, this is my personal thanks for you all translators! We love you!

If you don’t have the app in your language, take a look to our translation page and help us :-)

Full changelog

Here the changelog with features we added. Missing revisions are translations. I don’t report them because the commit message is always the same (Launchpad automatic translations update.), so it isn’t useful to understand which languages have new translations. Please see this page to have a full vision on translations status:


As usual, I do all this in my spare time, at night because during the day I have to study. Do you mind to buy me a coffee to help me to stay awake? :-)

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