Calculator 2.0.155: Here we are

Here we are, calculator reboot becomes calculator

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We did some minor changes in last weeks, so it’s a bit different from the one you’ve if you installed the Calculator App Reboot from the store. Anyway, now you can remove the one from the store and update your default app, you will have the new one. Unfortunately, your old calc history will be lost, but we found out that to create an importer for old calcs required some time, so we prefered to update the app.

As usual, please report any bug you find on Launchpad, so we can fix them!

In next weeks app will have some more updates: we’re working to improve performances and to change the design a bit more: but updates will be gradual, we will not do a reboot of the reboot.

If you want to start to collaborate with us we will be more than happy to help you in your first step :-) We need both developers and autopilot hackers. If you want to write autopilot tests, we have a list of bugs for you. If you prefer to write code and fix bugs, take the branch, test it and check what is missing! If you need help, or have feedback, write me a mail or join #ubuntu-app-devel on Freenode and ping me (rpadovani) or Bartosk (gang65).

Thanks to Ubuntu community the calculator now it’s available in a lot of languages. They’re amazing, work hard and we often forget them. So, this is my personal thanks for you all translators! We love you!

If you don’t have the app in your language, take a look to our translations page and help us :-)


Full changelog

Here the changelog with features we added since the last update of the reboot app. Missing revisions are translations. I don’t report them because the commit message is always the same (Launchpad automatic translations update.), so it isn’t useful to understand which languages have new translations. Please see this page to have a full vision on translations status:

  • #140 Fix favourite that remains in favourite page after deletion. (Riccardo Padovani)

  • #144 Add validation of long string contains operator and number (Bartosz Kosiorek)

  • #145 Improve favourite textfield management. (Riccardo Padovani)

  • #152 Wait until osk keyboard is hidden before showing our custom keyboard. (Riccardo Padovani)

  • #155 Use the default calculator icon to create the click package. (Riccardo Padovani)


As usual, I do all this in my spare time, at night because during the day I have to study. Do you mind to buy me a coffee to help me to stay awake? :-)